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Māia, e te tau pendant
Māia, e te tau pendant
Māia, e te tau pendant
Māia, e te tau pendant

Māia, e te tau pendant

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In case you haven't noticed the pun in the Zeal and Heart name, I am from the beautiful country of New Zealand. From September 9th to 15th it is Māori Language Week, a chance to learn, practice, celebrate and promote the use of te reo Māori. I was lucky enough to study te reo Māori in high school for rua years, so this year I wanted to join in with a special range of pendants in te reo Māori. 

This listing is for the Māia, e te tau pendant: 'Courage, my darling' or 'Be brave, my love'. This is such a meaningful phrase for me, we need those loved ones around us to give us the courage to leap.  

Check out the other listings to learn some other phrases in te reo Māori: 

  • Kia kaha
  • He mōwai koa
  • Aroha nui
  • Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa
  • Kia nui ake te ako ka kōrero ai
  • Māia, e te tau
  • Mō taku he, kei te ako tonu au i te reo Māori 

This sterling silver pendant is 12mm wide and 1mm thick. You have the option of buying it by itself to add to an existing chain, or you can order it on an 18" or 22" sterling silver flat curb chain.

I engrave all of these in my flat in London and you can follow @ZealandHeart for an inside look at the process and get sneak peaks at new designs.

Zeal & Heart pendants are as unique as you are. They provide the inspiration that you need, whether that’s to give less f**ks, breathe a little deeper, or be brave today. Zeal & Heart pendants gives you something to hold on to when times get tough, and something to come back to when you lose your way. 

They also make the perfect gifts for friends and family attempting their own brave adventures, and make truly personal wedding and birthday presents.