Due to current world events Zeal & Heart can only ship to the UK

Wear your heart around your neck, and your dreams out loud

Zeal & Heart jewellery is for those of us who are striving for something more. From mantras to swears, our engraved silver jewellery is a tiny reminder that we have the courage to seek our dreams.  


Corona safety details

At time of writing myself and all my stock have been on lockdown in my London flat for 83 days. All orders will be packaged by me, and taken to the post box twice a week during my government allowed exercise.

Please note, post is taking longer during this time, and I can currently only ship to UK addresses. I have no control over the packages once they leave my flat, so I would recommend washing your hands after touching the exterior of the package.

The bags I send them in measure 12x16cm so will fit through a normal sized post box, so you do not need to talk to anyone to receive your order.  

If you have any questions or concerns please send me an email (zealandheart@gmail.com) and I will get back to you.


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With a prompt arrival and it’s delicate beauty, this necklace has become something i wear every day. It’s message is something I strive to achieve. Stunning work, thank you


Exactly as expected, and so perfect. Loving wearing my new life goals round my neck. Really well made and delivery was quick, with lovely packaging.


This was bought for a friend of mine for Christmas and got me a huge bear hug in return. She was truly in love with it and it is dainty and delicate enough to be discreet (if you want it to be) while being totally badass. Thanks so much!


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